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Pressure die castings on demand

The majority of products from our range of products is used in car industry and in the electrical industry, and some of them are used within the other domains of technology. Yearly we cast up to 1,000 tons of aluminium castings with the weight of 0.01 kg on.

On the customer's demand we can produce all kinds of products, final ones and compounds - semi-manufactured products. All the products can also be finished by procedures like de-burring, sandblasting, thread cutting, ..

Most of our products are manufactured for the car industry and the electrical industry, and the compounds for hydraulics.

Some items of our products are stated in the list below:

  • Compound parts and casings for electric motors
  • Casings and compounds of air turbines
  • Various casings for products in electrical industry
  • Compounds for hydraulic systems
  • Other products on customer's demand....

Some items of pressure die castings


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