Pressure casting of light metals

We are offering to our customers the complete service of pressure casting.

Our equipment comprises 3 melting furnaces, one with the highest capacity of 2,000 kg/h, as well as 7 machines for pressure casting of light metals, 3 of which equipped with robots, and 6 with trimming presses.

We use high quality cast ingots according to DIN 226 - (AlSI9Cu3) EN AB-46000, DIN 231 - (AlSi12Cu) EN AB-47100, and DIN 230 - (AlSi12Fe) EN AB-44300.

About us

We are one of the leading providers of pressure casting in Slovenia. Our annual production of pressure die aluminium castings reaches to 1,000 tons.

Our most important customers are producers in electrical industry; however, we provide our products also to the producers in car industry, the producers of air conditioning appliances, and the producers of hydraulic

Alumar d.o.o.
Pressure casting of light metals
Podskrajnik 109, 1380 Cerknica

Tel: + 386 1 705 33 30
Fax: + 386 1 705 33 31

We have moved our production into new building

Date: 06-11-2008
In the year of 2007 we have started to built our own building for production on 3800 m3. We have moved our production into new building in the end of march.

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